Therapy for Trauma

Trauma sometimes feels like a painful secret. We’re here to listen to your pain and be present with you. You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Our trauma informed therapists use various approaches to provide the support you need. We will engage you through guided explorations of your triggers while honoring your boundaries. We work at your pace and are dedicated to helping your body, heart, and mind release your trauma. We will help you investigate the interrelation between your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Characteristically, trauma can affect our patterns of interaction and our relationships. To remedy this, we help you build on your assertiveness and self-compassion through a variety of evidenced based approaches from TF-CBT, DBT, and MBCT (to name a few) in order to help you get started on your path towards inner peace.

Your healing starts here. Contact [email protected] or call (213) 347-4740.