Therapy for Kids & Teens

We are here to support children and teens who are experiencing a difficult time coping with their emotions. We focus on interventions that are helpful in building rapport as well as bring about positive change.  We include parents in the process while considering the age of the client; it’s a respectful balance of collaboration and patient privacy.

We assist children in learning social interaction skills, identifying, and expressing their emotions. We help children learn about healthy coping skills in ways that they can grasp.  We use children’s natural curiosity and playfulness in the process.

Let’s not forget about our teenagers. We can all agree that teen years are difficult years. Teens are faced with challenges and important decisions to make related to peer influence, sex, and drugs. We help teens in their exploration of self-expression and identities in a healthy manner. We listen to them instead of talk at them. 

Our therapists use a combination of treatments with some being art therapy, play therapy, solution focused brief therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Questions? Please send us an email [email protected] or give us a call (213)347-4740.