Therapy for Depression

The dark cloud of depression can be isolating and lead to feelings of worthlessness and despair that can seemingly permeate every aspect of life. We are here for you and will sit with you to help re-instill hope.

Oftentimes, the pain is so great that it becomes easy to pick up maladaptive coping skills in order to distract, avoid, or bury the source of the pain. We will validate your emotions and walk with you on your journey as you learn new healthy coping skills.

We have therapists that will work with you and provide all the information needed about our approaches such as CBT, existential, humanistic, DBT, and other evidence-based techniques. We will examine unhealthy patterns of coping, challenge cognitive distortions, investigate core beliefs, and bring intentional awareness to your specific emotions.

Let your true self shine. You deserve to be happy. Contact [email protected] or give us a call (213)347-4740.