Irene Leyva

Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist

Doctor of Psychology

I appreciate your interest in my bio.  I am here to provide support and guidance for you by building on your strengths. We can explore your unique qualities and bring them to the forefront.

My personal experience and nurtured abilities have led me to an understanding of interpersonal relationships. The need to connect with others in a healthy and fulfilling is one that can be difficult to navigate when adaptive tools are not present either due to having poor models or mental blocks. I have extensive knowledge of principles, methods and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders. I have led clients through marital and family conflict resolution by assisting in the recognition of behavioral patterns.

As I mentioned above, my experience has been a motivator in helping others gain self-awareness and achieve insight; it has also caused me to tap into my own resilience and self-determination. I can assist you in connecting to your own resilience and self-determination.

Language(s): Spanish

Location(s): Telehealth